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For a limited time CASRA is offering an assortment of WRAP books. Quantities are limited so order your copies today.


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Crazy Like Us: The Globalizaiton of the American Psyche
Ethan Watters
"Crazy Like Us" is a blistering and truly original work of reporting and analysis, uncovering America's role in homogenizing how the world defines wellness and healing. - Poe Bronzan

When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness: A Handbook for Family, Friends and Caregivers
Rebecca Woolis
This updated and revised edition offers exciting and vital current information about recovery from mental illness and substance abuse while addressing short-term, daily problems of living with someone who has a mental illness, and long-term planning and care.

Cuando un ser querido sufre una Enfermedad Mental: Un manual para familiares, amigos y cuidadores

Rebecca Woolis
This spanish language version features all of the updated materials found in When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness: A Handbook for Family, Friends and Caregivers with special attention paid to cultural factors.

Nonviolent Communication – A Language of Life
Marshall B. Rosenberg
A clear, straightforward, insightful book on communication that offers a step-by-step approach, exercises and examples.

First Person Accounts of Mental Illness and Recovery
Craig Winston LeCroy and Jane Holschuh
Drawing from a broad range of sources, including narratives written expressly for this book, self-published accounts and excerpts from memoirs, these personal stories cover and illustrate a wide spectrum of categories of mental disorders.

The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness
Elyn R. Saks
This profound and hopeful memoir about living with schizophrenia is an inspiring journey for anyone living with schizophrenia and those who care about them.

Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Rehabilitation: An Empirical Approach
Patrick W. Corrigan, Kim T. Mueser, Gary R. Bond, Robert E. Drake and Phyllis Solomon
This book is a new offering from CASRA on psychiatric rehabilitation.  Part I introduces the reader to psychiatric rehabilitation and discusses the impact of stigma and discrimination. Part II summarizes 10 services that currently comprise rehabilitation.  All are evidence based, surviving tests across multiple studies.  Part III highlights the special populations of concern and the additional principles and practices that are needed for this group.  The book concludes with a review of system considerations.

The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases From a State Hospital Attic
Darby Penney and Peter Stastny
When Willard Psychiatric Center in New York closed in 1995, more than 400 suitcases filled with patients’ belongings were discovered in the attic.  This poignant book examines the contents of ten of those suitcases to paint a picture of psychiatric care in the 20th century.


Pathways to Recovery: A Strengths Recovery Self-Help Workbook
Priscilla Ridgeway, Diane McDiarmid, Lori Davidson, Julie Bayes and Others
Pathways to Recovery uses the metaphor of a journey to take the reader through a series of exercises which identify and use personal strengths for engaging in the recovery process.

Recuperando la Esperanza Libro Practico
LeRoy Saniol, Martin Koehler, Dori Hutchinson
This Spanish language workbook includes information and exercises to guide the Spanish speaking person on their journey of recovery. 

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Skills in Practice: A CPRP Preparation and Skills Workbook
Edited by Mark S. Salzer, PhD, LCP
This is “The Skills Book” for psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners.  Written by some of the most credible and experienced psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners, this workbook can also be used to prepare for the CPRP exam.  It includes realistic scenarios with follow up discussions, a series of challenging activities, review questions, and CPRP exam preparation techniques.  Recommended as a resource for the CPRP exam.


Inside Outside: Building a Meaningful Life After the Hospital
Patricia E. Deegan and Terry Strecker
This film depicts the lives of eight people as they transition from nursing homes and psychiatric hospitals into the community carries the message that recovery and life in the community are possibilities for everyone.  Spanish edition available!

Pathways to Wellness
This moving video features individual’ stories of recovery.  An excellent introduction to recovery from psychiatric disabilities

Psychosis, Early Intervention and Recovery
Vancouver Island Health Authority MHA
What if there was nothing to recover?  This video addresses the importance of early intervention on a young person’s recovery.  It includes information on effective strategies as well as personal stories.

Understanding Stigma
Otto Wall
George Mason University Professor Otto Wall is a nationally acclaimed researcher and scholar on the need to confront disparaging attitudes towards persons diagnosed with mental illness.  This powerful presentation was video-taped and produced by the California State University at Hayward (now East Bay) in 2001.

Past Presenters

Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America
Robert Whitaker
In this groundbreaking book, Robert Whitaker investigates a medical mystery: Why has the number of disabled mentally ill in the United States tripled over the past two decades?  Anatomy of an Epidemic will challenge you to think through that question for yourself. 

Beyond Twilight
Judy A. Cooperberg
Ten turbulent years fighting depression, compulsions and suicide are candidly chronicled in Judy’s poetry.  The unique format of this book in which the poems are dated, chronologically ordered and introduced, enables the reader to understand and follow the tumultuous journey of a teenager’s plunge into insanity, to a young woman’s victorious emergence into a productive and fulfilling life.