Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

For a limited time CASRA is offering an assortment of WRAP books. Quantities are limited so order your copies today.

WRAP Plus (Formerly Living Without Depression and Manic Depression)
A truly comprehensive resource for people with all types of mental health challenges, this book expands upon and enhances the the content of the original book Living Without Depression and Manic Depression.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan
This is the original WRAP book designed to help individuals learn self-help skills for dealing with physical and emotional difficulties. This book presents a system developed and used successfully by people with a variety of physical and emotional difficulties.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Addictions
This book follows the original WRAP plan but is taylored for those struggling with addictions such as food, tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan for Veterans and People in the Military
This book uses the WRAP plan to assist those on active duty, in the reserves, or who have been in the military and are having a difficult time coping with the hardship, trauma and losses related to military service.

Youth WRAP
This book helps to guide young people through the process of developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan.

A WRAP Workbook for Kids
This workbook helps to guide younger kids through the process of developing their own Wellness Recovery Action Plan and help them discover what makes them feel good, stay well and feel better when times are hard.