Our mission

CASRA is dedicated to improving services and social conditions for people with psychiatric disabilities by promoting their recovery, rehabilitation and rights.

Our purpose

CASRA’s purpose is…

  • To promote and support the development of community-based systems of services which provide choices for consumers and which are based upon the promise of growth and recovery
  • To encourage the development and implementation of community-based mental health programs that are consistent with the philosophy and practice of social rehabilitation
  • To provide leadership and consultation to enhance the development of effective community services which promote self-help and rehabilitation
  • To address legislative and regulatory issues that affect the provision of mental health services
  • To facilitate a network for the sharing of ideas, experiences and expertise among association members
  • To offer educational and training opportunities which address and evaluate the effective use of the social rehabilitation approach to meet human needs

California Chapter of PRA

Since 1989, CASRA has served as the California chapter of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA).  CASRA provides coordination and staff support to individuals and organizations who are members of PRA in California.