Announcing the Fall Keynote Speaker!

Announcing the Fall Keynote Speaker! | California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies

We are thrilled to have our dear friend and colleague, Mark Ragins, open our Fall Conference!  In his retirement, Mark has written a book, soon to be published, entitled: Journeys Beyond the Frontier: A Rebellious Guide to Psychosis and Other Extraordinary Experiences.

Mark Ragins, M.D.

Mark Ragins, M.D.

For too long our approach to ongoing psychosis is to describe it as hopeless, incomprehensible, unrelatable, and frightening.  We need to rebel against these perspectives to appreciate psychosis as a relatively common response when someone has serious difficulty in all three dimensions of a “psychosis triangle”: experiencing reality, self-identity, and relationships.  

Many “strange facts” about psychosis make sense when we take off our narrow minded blinders and look at all three interacting dimensions in someone’s life.

Using a truly person-centered biopsychosocial approach instead of an illness-centered approach, we can understand the journeys people are going through, we can relate to them and travel with them, we can make collaborative recovery plans (often including using medication more effectively), we can avoid chronicity and disability, and it’s likely we can even prevent a good deal of psychosis from emerging in the first place. 

We’ve had enough expensive focus on brain scans and genetics. Let’s really listen to people and let our experiences together guide us.

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