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NY Upcoming Virtual Conference Series

NY Upcoming Virtual Conference Series | California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies

Upcoming Virtual Conference Series Details

Please distribute widely across your agency and programs. All staff are encouraged to attend all of the Virtual Conference Series! The series will also be recorded and available to view after series completion.

Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization: Breaking Down Structural Racism from Within

Wednesday October 28th, 2020 10:00am-11:30am

Speaker/Moderator: Mary Pender Greene, LCSW-R, President & CEO of MPG Consulting


  • Tonia M. Spence, M.S.Ed, LCSW, Senior Director of Early Childhood Services at Jewish Board Liz Roberts, MSW, Deputy CEO at Safe Horizons
  • Danielle Wilson, Director of Entitlement and Benefit Regulations at SCO Family of Services Sevonna M. Brown, Associate Executive Director of Black Women’s Blueprint
  • Tamar Khitarishvili PhD, Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

Description: The time is now! Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization and Breaking Down Structural Racism from Within is a call to action with urgency. Panelists from different organizations will share how they implemented an Anti-Racist framework in their organization. The discussion will include strategies, types of racial equity tools, analyzing the data and understanding what the desired outcomes are and the impact. What are the next steps for organizations after implementing these strategies? How will organization build capacity and sustainability measures to maintain an Anti-Racist environment? Panelists will give insight on what was the turning point in becoming an Anti-Racist Organization to combat racial inequities, biases and what are the challenges and barriers to sustain this framework. What were the lessons learned from implementing an Anti-Racist framework? What equity tools were used to implement these methods? How are decisions made from an Anti-Racist Framework?

Key Takeaways: The panelists will demonstrate how the methods they used worked and how they determine if their outcomes have been successful and how much of an impact has been made. What have been the challenges in fighting against racism and the impact on the communities they serve? How have these organizations been intentional in changing the framework?

Impact of Structural Racism on Children and Families

Wednesday December 2nd, 2020 10:00am-11:30am

Moderator: Marnie Davidoff, MPA, Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Children, Youth and Families, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)


  • Sharon Content MS, BA and Founder and President of Children of Promise, NYC Sara. I Taylor, MS, BSW, President and CEO Positive Steps Consulting
  • Dana E. Crawford, PhD, Psychologist, Scholar-in-Residence, Zuckerman Institute at Columbia University, & Founder of Crawford Bias Reduction Theory & Training

Description: This webinar will examine the impact of racism and racial trauma on children’s mental health. It will explore how intergenerational, racial trauma affects children’s mental health and development. It will also examine how bias leads to under- recognition of mental health concerns among children of color relative to their white counterparts, as well as differences in the diagnoses and treatment options offered to each group. It will discuss these issues from the perspectives of providers and families. The webinar will also look at how racism within the criminal justice system has led to the disproportionate incarceration of Black and Brown parents, and the subsequent impact on their children’s mental health, well-being, and risk of future justice system involvement. The webinar will conclude with steps that mental health providers can take to identify and counter the impact of racism and racial trauma on children and families, as well as to address bias within their own practice.

Key Takeaways: Better understanding of the impact of bias and systemic racism on children and families; the health, mental health and social impact of parental incarceration on children of color and steps for breaking the lifecycle of intergenerational involvement in the criminal justice system; how mental health providers can address the harmful effects of racism and intergenerational trauma on children AND combat bias in their own practice.

LGBTQIA+ Community and Intersectionality: Lens of Intersectionality in Racial Equity Work

Wednesday January 6th, 2021 10:00am-11:30am

Speaker/Moderator: Antoine Craigwell is founder, president, and CEO of DBGM, Inc.

Panelists: A three-member cross-mixed panel representing the LGBTQIA+ community

Description: A deeper look and dialogue about racial inequity and systemic racism through the lens of intersectionality. This session will address the complexity of human experiences, complicated relationships and the innate need to be connected to others. This webinar is designed to discover the intersectionality of people of color (POC) in the LGBTQIA+ community dealing with the multifaceted challenges of the “isms”. The speaker will provide information on the history of the Intersectionality Theory and explore implications this theory on research, relationships, policy, and public health.

Key Takeaways: At the end of this presentation participants will know the importance of using the “Lens of Intersectionality” to better understand challenges within the LGBTQIA+ community. Will understand the application of the theory to inform clinical practices within the “Behavioral Health Field” and the importance of considering intersectional identities in studying people’s experiences of stigma and discrimination.

What’s Next? How Do We Intentionally Move Forward? Leading ‘Bold Change’ at your Workplace

Wednesday February 3rd, 2021 10:00am-11:30am


  • Matthew Canuteson, MA, Diversity & Inclusion Office, Director of the Bureau of Cultural Competence, NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH)
  • Myla Harrison, MD, MPH, Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Mental Health, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)

Description: Using data from webinar attendee survey responses, this session will engage participants in a dynamic conversation discussing specific challenges participants face in implementing an anti-racist culture at their workplace. This session will provide an overview of key takeaways discussed in previous series sessions and focus on what’s needed to advance an anti-racist work culture. Key Takeaways: Attendees will have a deeper understanding of the work needed to foster an anti-racist culture; thus, feeling motivated and equipped to move forward with action steps to implement anti-racist work.

Key Takeaways: Attendees will have a deeper understanding of the work needed to foster an anti-racist culture; thus, feeling motivated and equipped to move forward with action steps to implement anti-racist work.

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