CASRA Core Values Learning Series - Building Effective Relationships

Event Program

January 11  -   February 08  -   March 08

January 11, 2023

Title Speaker Description Goals CEU

Active Listening
(09:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
Pacific Time (GMT-8)

Anna Littleford

Listening for the story, instead of just to solve a problem is key to building relationships. This workshop explores how we listen and provides opportunities and ways to help us improve our listening skills.

-Participants will learn the 3 types of listening responses:

  1. simple reflection
  2. reflection of feeling
  3. double-sided reflection

-Participants will be able to demonstrate the three listening responses.


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February 08, 2023

Title Speaker Description Goals CEU

Principle Guided Decision Making
(09:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
Pacific Time (GMT-8)

Kerry Leonard

Decsion making involves more than following policies and procedures. This workshop explores the factors invovled in our decision making when the situation isn't so clear, and how our decision making process can help build open and honest relationships with those we serve.

-Participants will learn the five factors of principle-guided decsion making:

  1. member/client preference
  2. staff limitations/preference
  3. rehab/clinical concerns
  4. ethical considerations
  5. role resposibilities

-Participants will be able to apply the five factors in their decision make processes


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March 08, 2023

Title Speaker Description Goals CEU

Cultural Humility and Awareness
(09:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
Pacific Time (GMT-8)

Each of define our culture based on our unique experiences. This workshop focuses on developing sensitivity, understanding and humitly regarding culture as each person defines it for themselves, then transliating that into practice.

-Participants will learn the best practices for cultural humility and sensitivity:

  1. value diversity
  2. self-awareness
  3. awareness and acceptance of differences
  4. dynamic of differences
  5. accepting responsibility
  6. knowledge of the other's culture
  7. adaptation

-Participants will be able to appy the best practices in their work


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