CASRA Highlights

For forty years, the member agencies of CASRA have been promoting a vision of a mental health system based upon the promise of growth and recovery.

Since 1969, CASRA and its member agencies have consistently been on the forefront of providing and developing innovative responses to the needs of adults with psychiatric disabilities. 

CASRA agencies were pioneers in the developing field of psychosocial rehabilitation and the promotion of a wellness and recovery vision.

CASRA members trail-blazed new models of services, such as crisis residential programs, supported employment programs, integrated service agencies and wellness/recovery centers.

CASRA members were among the first mental health agencies in the nation to recognize the value of hiring mental health consumers as providers.

1978 - The Community Residential Treatment Systems Act is passed

1985 – The Community Support System for Homeless Mentally Disabled Persons and the Community Vocational Treatment System Acts are passed.

1991 – California implementation of the Medicaid Rehabilitation option

1999 – Integrated Services for Homeless Adults with Serious Mental Illness is passed

2002 - CASRA produces a Curriculum for the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Practitioner

2004 – Mental Health Services Act is passed by California voters

2006 - Train the Trainer course

2006 - Realizing the possibilities of Consumers and Family Members as Providers: A Guide for Readiness Assessment and Planning

2007 - Developing Systems and Services that Support People in Wellness and Recovery: A Primer for Holding Informed Discussions

2007 - Principles of a Culture-Centered Approach to Recovery

2007 - Standards for Recovery-Oriented Trainings

2008 - On-Line Training Institute

At the CASRA website, you will see our logo that says “A Diagnosis Is Not A Destiny.”  We’re still committed and we bet you are too!